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Re: Installing GNUstep from source on Debian GNU/Linux SID

From: Ivan Vučica
Subject: Re: Installing GNUstep from source on Debian GNU/Linux SID
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 17:33:54 +0100

On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 16:48, Csanyi Pal <csanyipal@gmail.com> wrote:

How can I start development applications, like ProjectManager,
ProjectCenter, Gorm, and user applications?

Using my script, the official SVN repository for GNUstep, from this URL,
was checked out in ~/gnustep.

clang was built and kept in ~/llvm/Release+Asserts/bin - I recommend you add this to your $PATH. Either enter this each time before building GNUstep apps:
  $ export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/Release+Asserts/bin
or add it to ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc

GNUstep was built using clang. Tell make to use clang:
  $ export CC=clang

GNUstep was built and installed into /usr/GNUstep. Before being able to build any GNUstep apps using command line, you'll have to "source" the GNUstep.sh file. You can enter it whenever building GNUstep apps in command line, or add it to ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc
  $ . /usr/GNUstep/System/Library/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh 
This tells various GNUmakefiles where to find GNUstep and how it's configured.

Now that we did that, we can actually build apps.

Additional apps are in ~/gnustep/dev-apps/ and ~/gnustep/usr-apps/. Just go into the appropriate folder and do:
  $ make
  $ sudo make install

You can now easily build and install projectcenter and gorm, and use them for further development. 

(Note that, naturally, in all the lines above that begin with $, you don't actually type the $.)

Ivan Vučica - ivan@vucica.net

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