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Are you interested in getting started writing ObjC, and making a useful

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Are you interested in getting started writing ObjC, and making a useful contribution to GNUstep?
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 07:52:21 +0000

While I was at FOSDEM this weekend, I was asked if I had implemented the 
NSOrderedSet class (from OSX Lion) in the latest GNUstep-base release (the one 
Adam Fedor kindly made just in time for FOSDEM last Friday).

The answer is no ... I haven't, but it occurred to me that it would be an ideal 
job for a newcomer to ObjC who would like to get involved in GNUstep coding ...

It's something that would be clearly useful (it's already been asked for).
The job is not too hard (there's a natural implementation of an ordered set by 
using the existing NSArray and NSSet classes).
There's plenty of help (my advice, existing similar code in the base library as 
an example etc).
You get your name on a class in the base library :-)
There are interesting key skills to be learned ... 

How to create the header file: it clearly has to define the same API as the 
Apple header, but we must be as different as reasonably possible, to avoid any 
possibility of being accused of copyright violation.
How to write the actual implementation ... this will involve proxy objects (Yay 
... fun) and perhaps class cluster ideas as well as basic coding.
Coding standards ... how to make your code fit in so anyone familiar with the 
project can read it easily.
Test cases ... how to use the test suite (hopefully really easy nowadays) ... 
which gives you more chance to practice coding.
Documentation ... how to put good comments into the header file so that class 
documentation will be generated automatically.

Any volunteers?

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