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Re: Bean through GnuStep - newbie on Linux question

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Bean through GnuStep - newbie on Linux question
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 08:57:25 +0100
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On 02/15/12 23:07, springbunny11@gmail.com wrote:
I presently use the excellent word processor for mac called Bean. The author of Bean said he believed a version for Gnustep was created.
The author is right. We "forked" a snapshot and are trying to port it to GNUstep. Actually, we also try to make GNUstep work for it, so it is a testbed for Mac compatibility in terms of the build-tool, NIB compatibility, etc. (Another candidate in this direction is FlexiSheet, the spreadsheet). It was never perfect, but I have noticed it broke quite badly lately, so we need to check why it is now an ill patient.It's sad, because FlexiSheet instead improved a lot, so I hoped Bean would benefit from it.

Being a newbie to Linux and knowing nothing about Gnustep - I'm not sure how all of these things work. If I'm using a version of Linux based on Slackware - like Vector or Salix Linux - using the Xfce Desktop - can I somehow run Bean using your Gnustep version?
We will try to fix it again. You may notice that it never had an official release and to try it, you need to check out GAP's CVS repository. To build it you need the new xcode build tool Greg is writing.

I'm very unsure of how to ask all this, so forgive me if I omitted anything important. I'll do my best to fill in answers that you might need.
There is absolutely no problem asking. The GAP project has its own mailing list, but this is the most active mailing list and we discuss a wide range of topics.


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