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Re: GNA is down...

From: Aria Stewart
Subject: Re: GNA is down...
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 06:46:16 -0700
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On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 02:23:12PM +0100, Quentin Mathé wrote:
> Le 13 févr. 2012 à 13:26, Ivan Vučica a écrit :
> I quite like Fossil, but I'd be fine with Mercurial too. Both seems to have a 
> similar command-line interface:
> Fossil: http://www.fossil-scm.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/quickstart.wiki
> Mercurial: 
> http://ivy.fr/mercurial/ref/v1.0/Mercurial-QuickStart-v1.0-120dpi.png
> As a disclaimer, my experience is limited to Git. I used it for several
> months, although it has some nice features, but its command-line interface is 
> a
> pain, and it's easy to corrupt your local repository history by mistake.

Also, if the last time you used git was 1.4.x, things have gotten much, much
better. It still has a command line surface area the size of Eurasia, but
common tasks are among a short list of simple ones.

It's easy to "corrupt" your history, but also easy to recover it (There's a log
of all changes to what names refer to what, and you can usually find the commit
you lost there -- and if you can find that, you have the entire history from
that point.)

git's getting good. IT's just getting good by accretion.

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