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Re: Help - Clang can't find <objc/objc.h> on Ubuntu

From: Jens Alfke
Subject: Re: Help - Clang can't find <objc/objc.h> on Ubuntu
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 10:52:22 -0800

On Feb 25, 2012, at 10:29 AM, Thomas Davie wrote:

See my earlier email on the subject.

I did, thanks, but I’m trying first to see if I can get things working the easy way, before diving into the long list of manual instructions…

On Feb 25, 2012, at 10:35 AM, David Chisnall wrote:

Should be able to install libobjc2 without installing GNUstep Make first.  In this case, reconfiguring GNUstep Make is not required.

OK; I used apt-get to uninstall gnustep-devel, then re-installed it. Doesn’t appear to make any difference; I get exactly the same errors. Make still defaults to GCC, and if I override it to use Clang, I get a compiler error "error: blocks support disabled - compile with -fblocks or pick a deployment target that supports them”.


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