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Re: Errors linking against the framework I just built

From: Jens Alfke
Subject: Re: Errors linking against the framework I just built
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 12:26:26 -0800

Oops, my makefile wasn’t exactly as reported. I looked carefully and saw that 
during a frenzy of experimentation yesterday I’d commented out the 
MyTool_OBJC_LIBS line, so of course the linker wasn’t even trying to link 
against my framework. Duh. With that line restored, I’m back to not being able 
to find the libMyFramework.so.

I added the -v linker option and found that when I use
> ADDITIONAL_NATIVE_LIB_DIRS += MyFramework.framework
the actual ld flag added is
> -LMyFramework.framework/./obj
which doesn’t exist. Why is that path being appended to what I specified?

The kludge I’ve found that does work is
> MyTool_OBJC_LIBS = -lMyFramework -LMyFramework.framework
i.e. directly adding the -L path myself. I’m sure this isn’t the preferred way 
to do it, though!

Anyway, at this point I start getting the expected scads of genuine link errors 
for the symbols I haven’t implemented yet and the extra libraries I forgot to 
link with. So I’m making progress again…


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