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Re: Bug in +[NSError _lastError] ?

From: Jens Alfke
Subject: Re: Bug in +[NSError _lastError] ?
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 16:56:25 -0800

On Feb 28, 2012, at 4:43 PM, I wrote:

> I’m not sure what the best way is to fix this. It looks like one could either 
> add
>       #undef _GNU_SOURCE
> near the top of the file where it defines _XOPEN_SOURCE; or one could use an 
> #if around the call to strerror_r to call either version depending on which 
> one is available.
> For now I’m going to try the first option since it’s simpler.

That didn’t work, because “common.h” both defines _GNU_SOURCE and ends up 
including <string.h> so the GNU version of strerror_r is already declared. So I 
went with the second option, which was pretty easy.

I’ll get around to formally submitting a patch once I’ve got more stuff 
working, but here’s a diff showing what I did:

Index: Source/Additions/NSError+GNUstepBase.m
--- Source/Additions/NSError+GNUstepBase.m      (revision 34837)
+++ Source/Additions/NSError+GNUstepBase.m      (working copy)
@@ -130,12 +130,17 @@
   /* FIXME ... not all are POSIX, should we use NSMachErrorDomain for some? */
   domain = NSPOSIXErrorDomain;
+  message = [NSString stringWithCString: strerror_r(code, buf, BUFSIZ)
+                              encoding: [NSString defaultCStringEncoding]];
   if (strerror_r(code, buf, BUFSIZ) < 0)
       snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%ld", code);
   message = [NSString stringWithCString: buf
                               encoding: [NSString defaultCStringEncoding]];
   /* FIXME ... can we do better localisation? */
   info = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
     message, NSLocalizedDescriptionKey,

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