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Re: ProjectCenter will not load fully - no menu window loads

From: R.D. Latimer
Subject: Re: ProjectCenter will not load fully - no menu window loads
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 11:48:12 -0500

I thought that vers 0.3.0 is the only one that works with Projectcenter.
I'd rather use a more current version if possible?

I'm using Windows7 on a laptop.  Last night Projectcenter worked fine,
I was trying to figure out how to compile a program with it...couldn't
get a program to compile with it, so that's another question.

This issue started this morning, the file menu part does not load up?

Is there another development environment that you all use rather than

I uninstalled everything and then re-installed all parts.  The
messages I get are on Projectcenter's Log.  And the File Menu does not
come up.??

Let me know if there is better dev environment to use.  It looks like
there are not many options in Windows for working with Objective C,
unfortunately.  And I don't have a mac, just bought a windows laptop.

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Riccardo Mottola
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello,
> R.D. Latimer wrote:
>> I'm new to Gnustep and Projectcenter.  I just installed msys, core,
>> devel and projectcenter.  Projectcenter loads only partially.  The log
>> window shows, with some bundles successfully loaded.  The last line of
>> the log is
>> "PCAppController: Loading additional subsystems..."
>> The main menu window is not loading.  I have uninstalled and
>> re-installed all the software pieces, but have the same problem - the
>> main window for projectcenter is not loading.
>> I am using 0.30 versions and 0.6.1 version of projectcenter.
> version 0.3.0 is stone age :)
> It is verys trange that the menu doesn't display for you. What system are
> you on? How did you install/compile? What gnustep core packages are you
> using?
> What is written on the conolse (not the log)
> Riccardo

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