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Re: How to compile for NSTextViewDelegate

From: Abhi Beckert
Subject: Re: How to compile for NSTextViewDelegate
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 12:26:10 +1000

> However when I try to add the <NSTextViewDelegate> to my controller class I 
> get a build error saying that NSTextViewDelegate is not found.

Objective-C has "formal" protocols and "informal" protocols.

The <NSTextViewDelegate> syntax only works if it is a formal protocol. For 
informal protocols there is no syntax at all, you just implement the methods 
without declaring anything.

Historically, almost all protocols were informal but more recently (especially 
after improvements in Objective-C 2.0) we are starting to use formal ones more 

- Abhi

PS: Even in Xcode/Cocoa I have had more luck creating NSTextView's 
programatically than with interface builder. It's a complicated system and 
there are a lot of edge case bugs/performance bottlenecks unless you create the 
whole system programatically  (Apple has a very good guide, I think titled 
"creating the text system programatically").

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