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Re: Login Panel Setup

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Login Panel Setup
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 00:56:47 +0200
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Hi Maurice,

Maurice Metternich wrote:
To Riccardo:
A real pity it doesn't work. Yeah, I got the source from SVN along with GWorkspace and the other applications. While I was searching for loginpanel I found out you have blog. It's pretty good, keep it up! Talking about blogs - If you use your iBook frequently you should check out >ppcluddite.blogspot.com<, if you haven't already. It was what actually brought me to Linux. Unfortunately I'm not a developer (yet), but I have in mind to learn Objective-C. Also in my next school year starting in 2 months I'm taking informatics course (currently I'm in year 10). So maybe I'll be able to participate then.

Thanks again for your interest, I hope you will try out GNUstep stuff and don't be scared by some stuff missing here and there! it is improving, slowly, but it is! I started around your age too... in GNUstep and I have been infected ever since.

Nice to see I'm not the only "ppc luddite".

I don't use my iBook so often anymore, especially since until a sreious bug with the ATI driver gets fixed any GNUstep application crashes as well as webbrowser, etc. Thus I compile stuff on it but eport display to test that it our apps work on PPC... for the day things get back again. If you can watch your laptop battery on GNUstep is my merit, especially... that I added PMU support for macs :)

So many applications to work on and fix, Loginpanel is for me less important, I usually log in from console anyway. But It tiches me, because it would make things much more complete.

By the way:
I created a theme for GWorkspace containing some original NeXTSTEP icons. Is it possible to publish it, or will there be any copyright complains? It basically looks like this: >http://250kb.de/u/140526/p/PWMVYEgZeVPe.png<
Sadly yes, there are copyright problems, or we would already have done a "perfect NeXT clone theme". Use it privately, but we can't share it officially, even if it is essentially based bandonware.


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