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Build a complete gnustep app in a shared object

From: Michele Bert
Subject: Build a complete gnustep app in a shared object
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 12:33:34 +0200

Context. I am working on a big software bandles, where specific
"application" (in the sense of our project) are C++ shared object,
with a well defined interface:
- a C++ class derived from a common one, which implement a specific
virtual method (i. e. run(ParamInfo& param)
- a function to create an object of the above class
Up to now, only shell-based application have been implemented, with
very few user interaction. But focusing on more interactive ones, I
would like to create gnustep apps. Therfore I should create shared
objects, which I access with dlopen(), dlsym() with the creation
function (declared extern "C"), create the object calling that
function (which return a pointer), and call its "run" method.

First of all, a would like to keep C++ and Obj-C separated, so I'd
prefer not to use ObjC++. And this is clear to me.
Question are:
1- how should I behave with resources usually  contained in the
directory which represent the application?
2- How can I write the makefile in order to create a shared object,
instead a stand-alone executable?

Any other advice and consideration on the idea itself is anyway welcome. Thanks

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