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Re: Debian and Ubuntu packages - 2015/06/03

From: Philippe Roussel
Subject: Re: Debian and Ubuntu packages - 2015/06/03
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2015 14:44:43 +0200
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On Sat, Jun 06, 2015 at 01:52:08PM +0200, Alessandro Sangiuliano wrote:
> Should not be a problem for Philippe to compile everything present
> in his private repo with  clang (gnustep and stepchat) and then
> package them making .deb packages and pushing them in the repo.

It just takes time and some cursing.

> The problem is that the packages inside the Philippe's repo can
> conflict with the official debian one, where packages still are
> built on gcc and the old runtime.
> I think, Philippe, you should write on the Debian mailing list,
> asking for the possibilities to build gnustep and related software
> with clang.

Sorry, I'm not that man. I'm not a debian developer, I don't follow
their mailing lists and I don't want to enter a debate about gcc
versus clang, I see no fun in that.

Honestly I don't even know why I'm building those packages. I don't
use them and I mostly stopped using GNUstep all together (for various
reasons), I'm not going to invest more time in this.

> My main system is wheeze, and I have all gnustep and related
> software built with clang3.3. Also, clang is present in the debian
> repos.
> If I don't see and evolution inside the official debian repo, about
> gnustep, I think I'll go to write a rant on their mailing list due
> of a Debian user from years and years.

You should probably think about it twice before ranting. Yavor is
doing a great job packaging GNUstep, its librairies and applications
although there are probably less than 50 users. It's a boring job
without rewards.

Il ne faut pas désespérer des imbéciles. Avec un peu d'entraînement, on peut 
arriver à en faire des militaires. Pierre Desproges

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