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Re: Setup ProjectCenter, No executable for project found

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Setup ProjectCenter, No executable for project found
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2015 12:29:46 +0200
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Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas Kessler wrote:
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I'm following the converter tutorial from this webpage:
http://www.gnustep.org/experience/PierresDevTutorial/ and ran into some

fine and welcome :)

After setting the build tool to make (initially, none was specified)
the project was built into /home/knicklux/Development/GnuStepBuild (as
set in in the preferneces). I found the Folder Converter2.build and the
executable. I am developing under a Linux environment. ProjectCenter
has been built from source, downloaded via

Fine. "make" would have been selected for you in case, but specifying is no problem.

What preferences did you set? I have never built outside the project in my life.
"Make" builds inside the project dir and ProjectCenter just invokes make.

Did you set the "Root build directory"? I have never used that setting.

When I launch the app (Converter) via the terminal I see no main window.
Maybe I missed something in the tutorial.

When I try to launch the app via ProjectCenter's launch window, I get
the error "the project does not have an executable" and PC writes
"2015-06-09 16:24:54.943 ProjectCenter[28227] executable launch
path: /home/knicklux/Development/Convertor2/Convertor2.app/Convertor2"
into the console. It seems like I didn't set my PC's preferences
correctly, because it looks for Converter2 in the project's directory,
but is told to build it in /home/knicklux/Development/GnuStepBuild.

Also I noticed that ProjectCenter looks for e.g. make in "2015-06-09
16:17:07.286 ProjectCenter[28227] final candidate path
is: /home/knicklux/GNUstep/Library/Developer/usr/local/bin/make
". Is this another misconfiguration?

I would be most grateful for assistance in setting up PC.

Most probably run is not finding your executable. Because of some setting you changed.

perhaps it is a PC bug or some feature thought for somethign else... We can try to investigate, but first get you running in the easiest way.


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