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Web browser for GNUstep

From: andrewkaz
Subject: Web browser for GNUstep
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 13:49:23 -0400

Anyone have a status on a GNUstep web browser?

Was checking out Mantella, the wrapper around Firefox from like 2007. I may 
even be close to getting it to compile! My system has Ice weasel though, not 
firefox, and not sure what the associated gtkmozembed is called or how to get 
it installed and importing on my Debian distro.  — If anyone has pointers on 
any of these things Id be extremely grateful.

Or if you have pointers on another web browser that is even remotely usable. 
Tried SimpleWebKit too, got it building and running and it’s either out of date 
or a joke. 

 I’ve been on the Apple scene for a long time, and feel I may be one of the 
rare few who can see the grand potential of GNUstep, who wants to move it 



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