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Re: Savannah vs. Gitlab

From: Matt Rice
Subject: Re: Savannah vs. Gitlab
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2015 08:28:30 -0800

On Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 7:03 AM, Gregory Casamento
<greg.casamento@gmail.com> wrote:
> Lubos,
> On Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 6:05 AM, Luboš Doležel <lubos@dolezel.info> wrote:

>> If I were Greg, I'd also consider moving the whole project away from FSF.
>> While I recognize the importance FSF has (had) for open source, just the
>> need to do a snail mail round-trip with FSF to be allowed to contribute is a
>> great obstacle for any FSF project. And I can tell you, a legally worthless
>> one in my case - the Czech law explicitly forbids reassigning copyright
>> except in well-defined cases (employee to employer and inheritance after
>> author's death).
> To put this out front from the beginning... It's no secret that
> splitting with the FSF is something that has been on my mind

removal of the copyright assignment requirement does not necessarily
require the complete split from the FSF that you both appear to be

relevant excerpt from

GNU packages need not be FSF-copyrighted; this is up to the author(s),
generally at the time the package is dubbed GNU. When copyright is
assigned to the FSF, the FSF can act to stop GPL violations about the
package. Otherwise, legal actions are up to the author(s). The rest of
this section is about the case when a package is FSF-copyrighted.

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