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Re: Please, no GitHub

From: ChanMaxthon
Subject: Re: Please, no GitHub
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 16:44:16 +0800


> On Dec 14, 2015, at 14:38, Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:
> [[[ To any NSA and FBI agents reading my email: please consider    ]]]
> [[[ whether defending the US Constitution against all enemies,     ]]]
> [[[ foreign or domestic, requires you to follow Snowden's example. ]]]
>> If you want people to host their free software at somewhere other
>> than Github can you list a few options that have the same level of
>> quality of service as Github?
> Our goal is to give computer users freedom.  We develop the GNU system
> so users can use computers in freedom.
> Freedom sometimes requires a sacrifice.  Crucial for leading others to
> join in defending freedom is to set an example of making freedom our
> priority.  We sacrifice convenience for freedom, not vice versa.
> Fortunately, the sacrifice here is small.

For some of us this sacrifice of convenience can be a roadblock, especially for 
GNUstep (try type [NSApplicationDelegate 
application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:] without referring to any reference 
material. A handful eh? That is the very first line of Objective-C code the 
library calls for a GUI app.) 

It is exactly this convenience issue being the roadblock of me contributing to 
those projects. I am trying to sort out such inconveniences by creating a set 
of new tools under the umbrella name StepCode (won't be GPL-licensed though, it 
carries the 3c-BSDL) based on LLVM/clang (also not GPL code)

>> There is a package called GitBucket that packs (almost) all Github
>> features and quality of service. It is free software, can be
>> hosted standalone, and I don’t think Savannah team will have any
>> problem maintaining an instance (which takes absolutely zero
>> effort).
> GitBucket sounds like a good thing, but we need to check the facts.
> Supposing it turns out as good as you present it, services running
> GitBucket will probably satisfy most of our repo criteria too (but not
> automatcally all of them).
> I will ask the Savannah hackers to look at it and consider whether
> running it on Savannah makes sense.  I can foresee that integrating it
> with the rest of Savannah may take work.  Running GitBucket as a
> separate service is also an option we can consider.
> The Savannah volunteers are overloaded already.  Thus, anything I ask
> them to do is going to take time.  If someone would please volunteer
> to join that team, that would greatly help us to provide bettet service
> and make improvements.
> -- 
> Dr Richard Stallman
> President, Free Software Foundation (gnu.org, fsf.org)
> Internet Hall-of-Famer (internethalloffame.org)
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