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Re: Windows theme should be active by default on Windows...

From: Gregory Casamento
Subject: Re: Windows theme should be active by default on Windows...
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 18:01:41 -0500

I'm wondering why we having heard all of these issues from apps which are in production with the windows theme... not just production but wide spread production (e.g. TestPlant).

If it's so crashy why has none of this been reported?  Additionally, I haven't seen a crash in it.   We already have a solution for in-windows menus which brings up a default document when the theme is active.

So.... you're point is!?

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 5:54 PM, Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> wrote:
On 2016-02-10 23:33:20 +0100 Gregory Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

The Windows release is beta anyway.  So it makes no difference how stable
it is or is not.   It's known that it's unstable.  That being said, can we
please use a theme which matches the desktop instead of allowing them to
ignorantly click past and get something that looks like crap?!

It is not only *unstable* (as it makes your application crash after long usage compared to the standard theme which is instead very stable) but it is *unusable* meaning standard controls fail to work correctly, most notably pop up buttons and menus. Added to that, the general in-window menu problems with documents remains.
Summed up, as much as it now looks good on windows 7 and windoes 8 in screenshots (with my last native patches to support the manifest and init code) it can't be used for any application, even quite simple.

Sad truth, but it is the truth.
Nothing that can't be fixed either of course


Gregory Casamento
GNUstep Lead Developer / OLC, Principal Consultant
http://www.gnustep.org - http://heronsperch.blogspot.com

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