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Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Windows

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Windows
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 16:30:05 +0000

On 17 Feb 2016, at 15:46, Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> wrote:
> David's work for ARC.

I can’t really take credit for stuff on Windows.  If you’re on Windows, I’d 
recommend trying Microsoft’s friendly fork of the runtime from:


They’ve made it buildable with Visual Studio and added support for exceptions 
that interoperate with Visual-Studio-compiled C++.

Do expect ABI changes from them, I’ve been helping them a bit on refining their 
exception stuff and hope to have the same support in clang at some point, but 
if you want to use modern Objective-C and Objective-C++ on Windows then it’s 
probably your best bet.  There are a few changes in GNUstep libobjc2 that 
haven’t made it into their fork, so it’s worth doing a merge from 
https://github.com/gnustep/libobjc2 before building.  They should pull in the 
fixes soon, and are working on upstreaming their other stuff once it’s a bit 
more stable.


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