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Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Windows

From: Doc O'Leary
Subject: Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Windows
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 16:38:16 -0000 (UTC)
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For your reference, records indicate that 
Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> wrote:

> The "getting a Mac app to work on a non-Apple platform" is a very nice 
> side-benefit, but not my primary goal.

The issue remains not what *your* primary goal is (or even mine), but
what the goal of the *GNUstep project* is.  And what steps/processes
it is following to reach those goals from where it is now.  Anything
else is just wishful thinking.

> Do I want to spend my free time, my fun and my patience just to enable 
> Mac people to deploy their app (commercial  or not) on Linux? No! 
> Although if my framework helps them, I'm fine with it.

There should be no difference between the two if you were thinking
about it properly.  It should *all* be about making GNUstep a better
framework.  Your making it about something selfish taints the project.

> But my goal is clearly more far fetching than just a couple of ported 
> mac apps, it is more organic.

How does your garden grow?  As I have said, the crop of ObjC developers
planted in the last decade has lead to a bountiful harvest.  Does the
growth of GNUstep match that?  If not, perhaps a greener thumb than
yours is needed.

> Sorry Doc, but your vision is narrow...

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.  My vision is an achievable
next step on a path to a larger effort.  I account for the limited
resources available, as well as the outreach necessary to bring in
additional developers that can help.  All I’m still getting from you
is tons of brogrammer attitude that only serves to drive away the
more experienced developers that GNUstep could use.

"Also . . . I can kill you with my brain."
River Tam, Trash, Firefly

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