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Re: Questions (was: Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Wind

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Questions (was: Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Windows)
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 17:02:22 +0000

> In my observation, there are two sides in this discussion:
> a) we do coding only for our own benefit. If others find this beneficial, we 
> are happy, but we do nothing for them, especially if they demand. They can do 
> themselves, because we need more manpower.

This is not the GNUstep side.  So please be clear that this is not a viewpoint 
shared with the GNUstep project (I hjope it's not yours).
IMO this is primarily a view promulgated by trolls as a 'straw man' argument 
(ie claim GNUstep is something it's not, then attack it for being that 
imaginary thing).

> b) we should learn about what others outside of our little world think and 
> need and do at least a little for them. This will attract these "others" to 
> really use what we do. And if we are lucky, there will be good coders amongst 
> them who start to contribute and we get more manpower.

This *is* what GNUstep has been doing for decades now.  Arguably it's not 
working, but I still think it's basically the right approach.

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