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Re: Questions

From: Maxthon Chan
Subject: Re: Questions
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2016 17:15:37 +0800

Let’s not forget those OSx86 folks and their wonderful VMware Unlocker. Grab a 
copy of that and the free VMware Player (or my personal favourite VMware ESXi 
which is also free,) you can install OS X directly into a virtual machine and 
run OS X apps natively, using a real copy of OS X.

> On Mar 1, 2016, at 17:10, Luboš Doležel <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 02/29/2016 07:17 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> Quote:*run existing Cocoa apps*
>> Do you mean to try to run Mac binaries on Linux?
>> If so, that is the domain of an emulator. One that is trying to
>> emulate a proprietary platform which is the property of a very large,
>> wealthy, litigious company. That is unreasonable and unrealistic IMHO.
>> Outlandish is your term, not mine.
> When this is brought up, I always interject :-)
> http://www.darlinghq.org. Already runs many binaries, also Apple's toolchain 
> (with the notable exception of xcodebuild, which depends on half of the 
> operating system), soon should be able to fully host a Jenkins/TC build 
> slave. It can mount DMG images, install PKGs and it provides a more or less 
> complete OS X shell environment.
> As far as the relationship between Darling and GNUstep is concerned, Darling 
> builds on GNUstep's Foundation (with tighter CF integration), extends on 
> GNUstep's CoreFoundation and develops its own AppKit (for various technical 
> reasons, over which I don't want to do flamewars here).
> Given how far I got with my one man show, it is for sure not unrealistic. In 
> a way, GNUstep is currently a ~3 man show, given that I see only ca. 3 truly 
> active committers.
> And I don't know what could Apple sue me over.
> P.S.: Darling's AppKit is already more advanced than the nothing that can be 
> seen in Git (in some NIB compatibility areas, it is already more advanced 
> than GNUstep). But I won't do any commits for a long time, because people are 
> very impatient and I don't want to receive 5 mails per day saying "hey, your 
> AppKit sucks, hey this commit breaks build" etc.
> -- 
> Luboš Doležel
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