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building libobjc2 at MSYS2/clang

From: Seong Gu Lee
Subject: building libobjc2 at MSYS2/clang
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2016 22:00:30 +0900

Dear gnusteppers,

When trying to build libobjc2(git) at MSYS2/clang(3.8 svn), build error occured (not at ubunu 15.04).

It was unable for me to find which symbol was duplicated.

Most building tweak came from https://github.com/crontab/Subjective and adjusted to libobjc2(git). Additionaly, https://github.com/witwall/mman-win32 was used.

Any suggestion?

(PS) Does anyone let me know where ng runtime is? Does it indicate libobjc2 on git?

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