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Re: Distributed Lock issue...

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Distributed Lock issue...
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 20:24:42 +0100
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Gregory Casamento wrote:
Does any one have a clue as to why this distributed lock problem is more
prevalent now?

no! apparently the latest cleanup by Richard slightly helps, but only a little.

I noticed that the issue is more frequent on
- slower machines
- clang instead of gcc
- more than one app running (especially frequent when one app spawns other apps, like GWorkspace + Recyler and dameons)

On a 300Mhz computer... using GNUstep is almost a joke, apps fail frequently on startup!

On faster computers it maybe one out of 5 or out of 10...
On modern computers sometimes it doesn't happen for a day and then it starts to be frequent. Greg and I had frequent issues while debugging a big app we were porting from mac, it started to happen frequently, especially inside the compiler. Maybe the day before it didn't happen at all!

So.. I too have the perception that we got worse than one or two years ago (it is not a problem of these days, i just started to speak up when i noticed it is not me, but also others, including Bertrand)

I know this generic speak doesn't help. The compiler might influence the initialization of certain classes? or perhaps threads?


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