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Re: Problem installing bundles without GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DIR

From: Wolfgang Lux
Subject: Re: Problem installing bundles without GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DIR
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 10:17:25 +0100

> Am 15.02.2017 um 02:17 schrieb Jamie Ramone <address@hidden>:
> Thanks for that bit of advice, but since it was getting on my nerves I
> removed all PC related files from my project and just maintain the
> makefiles by hand. Ivan's solution seems to work well enough so I'm
> going with that. One thing I can't seem to get around is that
> gnustep-make installs the bundles in the installation domain. I only
> want to copy them into the application proper, which I'm already
> doing. Can the install target be turned off for those individual
> bundles?

As Matt Rice already suggested in an earlier mail, use foo_COPY_INTO_DIR in the 
GNUmakefile where your bundle is built (replacing foo by the name of your 
bundle of course) and use the (relative) path to the directory where your 
application is built as target. For instance, if you build both MyApp and 
MyBundle from the same makefile you would use
  MyBundle_COPY_INTO_DIR = ./MyApp.app
in the GNUmakefile. If you build the bundle and/or application inside a 
subproject you have to adjust the path accordingly.

Hope this helps,

PS You don't need any extra rule in GNUmakefile.postamble with this setup.

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