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Re: Ubuntu freetype link problem PDFKit

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Ubuntu freetype link problem PDFKit
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 17:01:37 +0100
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Hi Wolfgang,

I'm back on this issue... after we were able to solve other GNUstep issues in the meanwhile and I didn't have to use Ubuntu for a bit.

I did some further test, let me explain better.

Wolfgang Lux wrote:
On Ubuntu I have a also a similar issue: PDFKit compiles fine, but then it 
fails to resolve symbols.
>The actual library is located in:
>$ freetype-config --libs
>I wonder i there is a bug, like a missing symlink in Ubuntu? or a bug in 
>I don't have clean workaround like in OpenBSD: I do not know how to guess the 
actual directory (architecture dependent) and also how  to detect I am running on 
Linux, Isince the TARGET_OS is linux and on other linux systems it works fine.
>Any opinions? Any ubuntu experts?
As Fred mentioned the output of freetype-config is correct (on my Ubuntu 16.04 
there's /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu.conf, which makes sure that 
libfreetype should be found). If you get linking errors then I'd suspect that 
either you haven't installed the libfreetype6-dev package (the .so file doesn't 
contain any symbols, they are present in the corresponding .a file, which is 
part of the -dev package) or there's an issue with the order of libraries on 
the command line.

I can get things to work&link this way
1) compile PDFKit against freetype with the standard freetype-config --libs options, which would be -lfreetype, this completes without error 2) when using PDFKit (in this case GWorkspace) I need to again add -lfreetype to be able to link against PDFKit

I think the above confirms that I have all necessary dev packages and libraries installed (which I shoul have by a check).

Do you think this behaviour is correct? I would prefer not to "expose" the fact that PDFKit links against freetype, or every usage of it needs to be aware of it. I would like to avoid that.

On OpenBSD and NetBSD I can use -Wl,-rpath=<path> to embed a search path, I tried this on Ubuntu but it did not help (besides, I hacked it in, but it should be actually done architecture aware). Am I on the wrong way to solve this issue (for you German, the "wooden path"). Or is this behaviour simply expected on Ubuntu and maybe other platforms now?


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