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Re: Moving messages in GNUMail

From: Svetlana Tkachenko
Subject: Re: Moving messages in GNUMail
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 21:33:38 +1100
User-agent: GNUMail (Version 1.2.2)

Hi Riccardo,

On 2017-03-02 10:41:12 +1100 Riccardo Mottola <rm@gnu.org> wrote:


On 2017-02-24 02:43:42 +0000 Svetlana Tkachenko <svetlana@members.fsf.org> wrote:

Hi all,

When moving a message to a folder in GNUMail, it becomes italic in the list of messages, but does not get moved. Is there a setting to move it
immediately, or a button to apply the move?

To my knowledge it gets applied immediately. Italic means the message is deleted, if you select the other folder, the message will show up there. If you click back to the original folder, you should not see the moved message.

It started working for me after fresh reinstall, but I have another problem now.

I find it hard to 'reach' the folder when moving a message. I move mouse over the folder name but I have to move it around for 5-10 seconds to find the right spot -- to see the rectangle around the destination folder, so that I can confidently release the mouse button, takes a while. At some points I see a line like this:

Folder 1
  Folder 2
  Folder 3

This line to me sounds like it is attempting to make a new folder and place it between these two. Even though I'm in the process of moving a _message_! I'm not sure what would happen if I released the mouse button there, but I don't think this kind of thing is expected behaviour.

I am using latest stable release of GNUMail on Debian Jessie.


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