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Re: NSOperationQueue exception in 1.24.9 - question

From: Lobron, David
Subject: Re: NSOperationQueue exception in 1.24.9 - question
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 13:49:04 +0000

Thanks very much, Richard!

> Thanks very much for that.  The test program was very helpful and I was able 
> to (almost) reproduce the problem and (eventually) track down and fix the 
> issue.
> The problem was with the key value observation, by the operation, of itself 
> finishing ... the code 3was failing to remove the observatiopn, resulting in 
> the operation/observation being leaked, which in turn resulted in the path 
> name being retained each time an operation was leaked, so the retain count on 
> your machine got too high (on my machine I ran out of memory before hitting 
> the retain count limit).
> Please try the code in svn trunk ... it should be fixed.

I can confirm that the problem is now fixed.

Thank you again,


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