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Re: How to add items to GWorkspace tabbed shelf

From: Svetlana Tkachenko
Subject: Re: How to add items to GWorkspace tabbed shelf
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2017 06:35:02 +1000
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Hi Riccardo,

On 2017-04-14 03:52:13 +1000 Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola@libero.it> wrote:
Svetlana Tkachenko wrote:
I haven't figured out how to add items to GWorkspace tabbed shelf. The help page does not say either.

Drag & Drop the icon to the currently open tab.


I'm not sure where to take the icon from. I tried dragging icons from the dock of pinned apps or from the dock of currently opened apps but the first ones disappear and the second one stay where they are. I would also like to be able to add files to the tabbed shelf if possible as I see no way to bookmark files that I open often.


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