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Re: GNUstep from a C library

From: Wolfgang Lux
Subject: Re: GNUstep from a C library
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 11:09:44 +0200

> Am 24.04.2017 um 07:25 schrieb Germán Arias <germanandre@gmx.es>:
> I'm having problems with a Mac project with GNUstep. This is a C
> toolkit library that use native widgets in Windows and Gtk. Now they
> want make this native on Mac. But there aren't to much Mac developers
> at project. So I'm trying this with GNUstep. Currently the library
> compiles without problem. But when I want test a simple app (a window
> with a button) I get a segmentation fault. This seems a problem when
> gnustep-base try to create the shared notification center. See attached
> screenshot of the backtrace (no idea how enable the virtual box guest
> additions at FreeBSD). This seems a problem at GNUstep side, not in C
> side of the library. Any idea?

It's hard to tell what the problem is with the limited stack trace you've 
provided. And apart from that it's hard to tell much if GNUstep is compiled 
without debugging symbols.


PS I don't know how to install the virtual box guess additions in FreeBSD, but 
you can always save the backtrace to a file using the 'set logging' command 
inside gdb. :-)

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