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Re: ANN: GNUMail & Pantomime 1.2.3

From: Bertrand Dekoninck
Subject: Re: ANN: GNUMail & Pantomime 1.2.3
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2017 19:32:43 +0200
User-agent: GNUMail (Version 1.2.3)

Hi again Xavier,
some little follow-up on this subject.

I could finally setup all my imap mail accounts in it and I'm testing it since several days.

Could you answer some little questions, please (feel free to skip, add or changes questions) ? I will use this for the writing.

- in the past GNUMail suffered from stability, how is it now ?

Clearly not ideal. I had to disable some imap folders in my gmail account ("All messages", for instance) because GNUMail crashed each time I tried to access them (too much messages ?). And I encountered a bug a first launch on linux, where my "Local" mailbox was displayed twice in the MailBoxes window (the drawer on OSX), and then a crash. I discovered that I could get rid of that bug by creating a folder in that mailbox. At next launch, my "Local" mailbox wasn't listed twice and I could erase the newly created folder. No more crash.

Now I can use it and it's relatively pleasant :
- it always had a very cool icon ;-)
- it's well integrated in my GNUstep desktop and beautiful with the rik theme. - it works closely with AddressManager.app so this app can finally be usefull. - it feels a lot like the old Mail in OSX but it's lacking html parsing (obviously, without webkit or simplewebkit...). - it's better translated in French on gnustep than on OSX, but the translation is still unfinished - on my todo list from now :-). This is why I had so much pain setting up my mail accounts : some english labels are very confusing in the preference window.

- is GNUstep "feature complete" on IMAP ?
I can't tell. All my imaps folder are listed. I can access to my mails, write, send but didn't test filtering. One behaviour is bugging me though : one of my imap server (from the french internet provider "Free") suffers from connection problems. Thunderbirds deals very well with that : It displays one alert and that's it. I can then access to all my emails in their mailboxes. Not GNUMail : it displays an alert for each folder in my Free account, each time it tries to access that account and can't because the connection got lost. That's - really ! - a lot of annoying alerts. Moreover, once the connection to Free gets lost, all my Free emails disappear and become unavailable until I reconnect the account. As if there wasn't any local storage of my imap accounts.

- can it handle lots of accounts ? lots of email ?
I've got random crashes when I access my gnustep-discuss folder containing 1779 mails.

- on MacOSX what is you favorite mail application ? Why GNUMail is better/worst ?

I didn't tested it a lot on Leopard. Clearly, it's inferior for now. But it's free software. Compared to GNUstep, having the mailboxes in a drawer on OSX is better than a floating window ( drawers are buggy on GNUstep) : there is less desktop clutter and less window management problems than on GNUstep.

Thanks in advance

You're welcome.

PS : I accessed several times to your article draft on Linuxfr and don't see any progress. Need help ?

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