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Re: loading bundles in unitkit

From: Edwin Ancaer
Subject: Re: loading bundles in unitkit
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 06:32:18 +0200

Sorry for this stupid mail, i just used the wrong bundle in my application. The bundle in question  contained not only the tests, but also the classes it was testing. As these classes were also defined in the application, the messages were quit clear.

Can't these emails be deleted  from the maillist? My ego is hurting terribly now.


Op 10 okt. 2017 21:12 schreef "edwin ancaer" <address@hidden>:

so I am trying to use UnitKit objects and methods to create an application like Test Runner in Smalltalk.

To start, I created some tests in a bundle Money.bundle, and used the ukrun-tool, with as result:

  == ---  loadBundleAtPath /usr/home/edwin/Objc/First/Money/Money.bundle
2017-10-10 16:49:17.862 ukrun[9706:100099] UKRunner.m / RuntestsWithClassNames:InBundle:principalClass:
2017-10-10 16:49:18.004 ukrun[9706:100099] UKRuner.m / testclassnames = (MoneyTest)
2017-10-10 16:49:18.009 ukrun[9706:100099] UKRunner.m == filter test : (null)
2017-10-10 16:49:18.013 ukrun[9706:100099] UKRunner.m == classname is MoneyTest
2017-10-10 16:49:18.017 ukrun[9706:100099] UKRunner.m == running tests in class MoneyTest
2017-10-10 16:49:18.023 ukrun[9706:100099] === [MoneyTest testEquality] ===
2017-10-10 16:49:18.029 ukrun[9706:100099] == internalRunTest
2017-10-10 16:49:18.034 ukrun[9706:100099] MoneyTest.m:51 msgUKTrue.pass
2017-10-10 16:49:18.038 ukrun[9706:100099] MoneyTest.m:52 msgUKTrue.pass
2017-10-10 16:49:18.043 ukrun[9706:100099] MoneyTest.m:53 msgUKFalse.pass
2017-10-10 16:49:18.047 ukrun[9706:100099] MoneyTest.m:54 msgUKFalse.pass
2017-10-10 16:49:18.052 ukrun[9706:100099] MoneyTest.m:55 msgUKFalse.pass
2017-10-10 16:49:18.056 ukrun[9706:100099] === [MoneyTest testFrancMultiplication] ===
2017-10-10 16:49:18.060 ukrun[9706:100099] == internalRunTest
2017-10-10 16:49:18.065 ukrun[9706:100099] MoneyTest.m:46 msgUKIntsEqual.pass
2017-10-10 16:49:18.069 ukrun[9706:100099] === [MoneyTest testMultiplication] ===
2017-10-10 16:49:18.074 ukrun[9706:100099] == internalRunTest
2017-10-10 16:49:18.079 ukrun[9706:100099] MoneyTest.m:39 msgUKIntsEqual.pass
2017-10-10 16:49:18.083 ukrun[9706:100099] Took 220 ms
2017-10-10 16:49:18.099 ukrun[9706:100099] Result: 1 classes, 3 methods, 7 tests, 0 failed, 0 exceptions

As second step, I created the application with Gorm and ProjectCenter: just 1 window with a button and a text field. When the button is pushed, the tests in the bundle should be executed, and the test field will contain the string "Tests are finished".  Therefore, I created the following code in the Controller class for the window:

  testRunner = [[UKRunner alloc] init];

  testBundle = [testRunner loadBundleAtPath: bundlePath];

  [testRunner runTestsInBundle: testBundle];

  result = [testRunner reportTestResults];

I kind of hoped for the same result as with ukrun, but to my surprise, even the loading of the bundle already gave a different result.

2017-10-10 20:53:56.660 Money2[10551:100142] == ---  loadBundleAtPath /usr/home/edwin/Objc/First/Money/Money.bundle
Loading two versions of Money.  The class that will be used is undefined
Loading two versions of Franc.  The class that will be used is undefined
Loading two versions of Dollar.  The class that will be used is undefined
Loading two versions of MoneyTest.  The class that will be used is undefined
2017-10-10 20:53:56.676 Money2[10551:100142] Money2 == 1. bundle is <NSBundle: 0x29ec6310> </usr/home/edwin/Objc/First/Money/Money.bundle> (loaded) with principal class Money
2017-10-10 20:53:56.679 Money2[10551:100142] UKRunner.m / RuntestsWithClassNames:InBundle:principalClass:
2017-10-10 20:53:56.946 Money2[10551:100142] UKRuner.m / testclassnames = ()
2017-10-10 20:53:56.949 Money2[10551:100142] Took 269 ms
2017-10-10 20:53:56.952 Money2[10551:100142] Money2 == testrun ended
2017-10-10 20:53:56.955 Money2[10551:100142] Result: 0 classes, 0 methods, 0 tests, 0 failed, 0 exceptions
2017-10-10 20:53:56.958 Money2[10551:100142] Money2 == result of testrun is 0

Already stuck from the beginning... I'm sure it's a stupid error I'm making, but I see no way out. Can anyone give a probable cause of this behaviour, or can't I use UnitKit from an application?

Kind regards,


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