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Re: How to know the geometry of a string on the screen ?

From: Bertrand Gmail
Subject: Re: How to know the geometry of a string on the screen ?
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 21:34:52 +0200
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Le 27/10/2017 à 20:36, Josh Freeman a écrit :
I think you meant to use 'string', not '[NSString string]' - the latter returns an empty string.

stringSize=[[NSString string] sizeWithAttributes:attributes];
stringSize=[string sizeWithAttributes:attributes];

I introduced  [NSString string] because of this warning at compile time :

GSPanel.m:75:23: warning: 'NSMutableAttributedString' may not respond to
   stringSize=[string sizeWithAttributes:attributes];

And the executable doesn't work.

Alternatively, since string's an NSAttributedString:

stringSize=[string sizeWithAttributes:attributes];
stringSize=[string size];

This works. So simple ! Thanks a lot.


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