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Re: PrjectCenter (and Gorm) ask for old gnustep-base library in FreeBSD

From: Edwin Ancaer
Subject: Re: PrjectCenter (and Gorm) ask for old gnustep-base library in FreeBSD 11.1
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2017 18:07:24 +0100


I installed the ports with the make install command, in a previous version.

The update was done with the freebsd-update command. Then the problems started.

I also reinstalled all ports with the portmaster utility. It took my laptop over 24 hours to compile and install everything, but to no avail.

The weird thing is that all other apps are working correctly, so I wonder if I could have created a kind of desynchronization of the ProjectCenter en Gorm sources. Can I force a reload of the sources, to avoid using the local version?

Thanks already,

Edwin Ancaer

Op 4 nov. 2017 15:48 schreef "Riccardo Mottola" <riccardo.mottola@libero.it>:


On 04/11/2017 13:46, Edwin Ancaer wrote:
I seem to have messed up some things again while upgrading from FreeBSD 11.0 to 11.1. Apparently, new versions of GNUstep-base (libgnustep-base.so.1.25) and GNUstep-gui (libgnustep-gui.so.0.25) were installed. This caused a reinstallation of all applications in the port x11/gnustep-app, but since then, ProjectCenter and Gorm stopped working. Eg. starting ProjectCenter retruns with the message object "libgnustep-base.so.1.24" not found, required by "ProjectCenter".
All other applications I tested seem to work correctly

When i do ldd ProjectCenter, both libgnustep-base.so.1.24 and libgnustep-base.so.1.25 are listed:

I suppose you installed binary packages or in any case used ports?
Something is wrong in them for sure: they shouldn't be linked to both versions.

How did you perform your upgrade?


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