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From: Bertrand Gmail
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 18:50:06 +0100
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Le 25/11/2017 à 23:35, Sergii Stoian a écrit :


More than 15 years ago I joined the GNUstep development because I like NeXT's OS design, look and feel. At that time my dream was to return NeXTSTEP desktop to Linux. After 15+ years my dream still alive. I understand that GNUstep project goals somewhat changed over these years. And this is good until project is interesting to broad kind (goals, tastes) of people involved in it's development.

Finally I've decided to inform dear community about my project of last 2+ years.
I've named is NEXTSPACE. It is SPACE for NeXT applications.
You can find code and brief description of project here https://github.com/trunkmaster/nextspace <https://github.com/trunkmaster/nextspace>. It is not finished yet. However I use it as my desktop environment on daily basis.
You can find RPMs in Packages directory:
* libdispatch and libobjc2
* nextspace-core - system specific files: skeleton for user home firectory, shell profile, udev, polkit, etc.
* nextspace-gnustep - GNUstep libraries with my patches.

Hi, I've set up a Centos virtual machine in VirtualBox to test this. As a long time debian user, I'm a little lost in it, even if my first steps in Linux where in LinuxPPC (LinuxPPC-2000 !), Yellowdog and then MandrakePPC. But it runs now.

I've installed your RPMs, with the hope to have a Nextspace session to launch. I understand know that I can't, because Workspace isn't packaged. I'm eager to try it.

But for now, I tried to launch Gorm which is in the /Developper/Applications. But it fails to run, complaining about missing gnuustep-back. Should I specify a special name for back using the defaults command ?

The next step is to build Frameworks, then Appplications. You can create new user with all needed files inside it's home dir. You can start Login with command 'systemctl start loginwindow' or login to newly created user from your login application (it should start ~/.xinitrc in user home dir). That's it.

You mean that, with your rpms installed, i f I build Frameworks, Workspace and Login; then any newly created user will have the needed files and that I will be able to launch Login.app ?

Thanks for this tremendous amount of work.

Bertrand Dekoninck

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