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Re: Icons (was Re: [INFO] NEXTSPACE)

From: Sergii Stoian
Subject: Re: Icons (was Re: [INFO] NEXTSPACE)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 01:11:14 +0200

Hi, Bertrand.

On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 11:09 PM, Bertrand Dekoninck <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi, Sergii
I've digged into the list and found the name of the guy who draw the Heritage icons :
 Gaël Elégoët : address@hidden

You can see its work here : https://galgot.carbonmade.com/projects/5943454
It is a set of Next icons he did for the Mac. I don't know if it's free or opensource but you can maybe contact him.

Fantastic! That's it! Thank you.
Anyway, I can also provide some help and try to reproduce some icons for you. I've looked at the icons in my nextspace cloned repo to find some next icons to replace, but many of them seem to be corrupted tiff and don't open correctly in the viewers I tried. Even if I look at them on github website. Strange.

They are not corrupted, they are original icons from OPENSTEP. GIMP can't show it's contents. GNUstep libraries shows them. Doesn't it great? ;)

Last note : does your NX frameworks override the standart GNUstep icon with a refreshed one ? It breaks my rik.theme for apps that don't have an appicon : the common_UnknownApplication.tiff in my theme (which is a named icon replaced by the theme) is replaced by your GNUstep logo.

No, NX frameworks doesn't replace standard GNUstep icons. If you will look into NXAppKit/Resources/Images you see icons prefixed with 'NX'. There are some original cursor icons I forgot to remove... But that's all.
In what application do you see GNUstep logo instead? In my setup /Library/Images/common_UnknownApplication.tiff contains image of white monitor with GNUstep logo on it.

Best Regards,

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