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GNUStep compiled from source

From: Daniel Santos
Subject: GNUStep compiled from source
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 23:46:19 +0000


I have cloned the GNUStep repos on GitHub and built them and installed them on 
a Debian 9. Then I downloaded GNUMail 1.2.3 and installed its dependencies 
(Pantomime and AddressBook)
I ran Address Book and i seems to be running fine. I then built GNUMail and 
when trying to run it form the command line I am getting the following error :

        GNUMail: NSThread.m:646: GSCurrentThread: Assertion `nil != thr && "No 
main thread"' failed.

,wich lead me to download and build project center to look at the sources and 
try to debug it. Project center installed fine (the release version on the main 
site) and I then created a project in the directory of the GNUMail sources.

When I open the GNUmakefile the file opens in a external editor and not in 
Project center. I investigated it and it seems to be related to xdc-open. I 
didn’t get a chance to look at the GNUMail code yet.

I have two questions :
1 - Is it possible to make project center ignore xdc-open and open all the text 
files it knows in its own editor ?
2 - Any clue to why the error in GNUMail is happenning ?


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