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Re: Migrating GNUstep home folder to another computer

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Migrating GNUstep home folder to another computer
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2018 10:45:46 +0100
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Hi Patrick,

I dig out this old thread!

On 7/25/18 12:24 AM, Patrick CARDONA wrote:
It was the same behaviour.
As I can understand, GWorkspace checks /etc/mtab only when it loads the 
desktop. So, when I use the workaround (hide and show again the desktop) this 
works to show the disk icon.
What is strange, is that when I unmount ($ udisksctl unmount -p [device_path]) 
the disk icon is hidden as expected : so the behaviour is dynamic with 
unmounting, not at mounting.

This has left me with investigating things further, to see if I could do better than "only" mtab.

mtab is important, but what shows you on the desktop a drive is the "removable" property, something tricky....

I did some work in GUI, it is Linux specific and hackish because Linux presents things only in files.

By doing that I also found a bug in GWorkspace which would explain to you the issue with dynamic. In my case it caused a crash! So better have it fixed.

I will do a better announcement after I can optimize and clean it a bit more, but could you try updating both GUI and GWorkspace and test again?

I can now mount and unmount disks with udev (e.g. I have also XFce Thunar running) and see them appear and disappear in GWorkspace.

If it helps you, then I will make an announcement and explain what it is about and ask for improvement inputs and perhaps portability to BSD.


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