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Re: GWorkspace and new ABI

From: Johannes Brakensiek
Subject: Re: GWorkspace and new ABI
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2019 06:28:58 +0100

Hi Svetlana,

On 4 Nov 2019, at 2:30, Svetlana Tkachenko wrote:

Not sure why llvm is from external repository and not debian directly.

afaik Debian Buster provides clang 7 which is known to have bugs that make the build process fail (when using the new 2.0 ABI/ng). So I needed to get clang 8 from somewhere.

Is this script linked from the gnustep official web site?

Yep. You will find it here:
- http://wiki.gnustep.org/index.php/Building_GNUstep_under_Debian_FreeBSD
- http://wiki.gnustep.org/index.php/GNUstep_under_Ubuntu_Linux
- http://wiki.gnustep.org/index.php/Platform:Linux#Debian_.2F_Ubuntu

I can test it this week but not today (most likely on the weekend).

Thank you. I’m happy to read from you. It worked last time I used it. But as it uses sources from the dev repositories in most cases it tends to break sometimes.

Good luck

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