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Re: Savannah bug tracker disabled?

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Savannah bug tracker disabled?
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 10:16:26 +0100
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Gregory Casamento wrote:

    TBH most of this thread is FUD.  git itself solves almost all
    these problems.  IMHO, use GitHub as a remote for the repo (the
    advantages are clear).  If some don't like GitHub or have issues
    with it, mirror.  If there are concerns about vendor lock-in, then
    track (or additionally track) in-repository.

I was simply trying to move things forward.  If people really want me to open back up savannah's bug tracker I will do so, but I believe it's best to use the one here as the main one and that was for older bugs.  No new bugs should be opened there.

well, just "changing things" without any kind of discussion, agreement and informing at least core developers is not good. Even if your mail went through, it would have just been an "hey it is going to happen".

Without an export facility, the best thing we could do is
- ask savannah if we can open the bugtracker and forbid adding new bugs, but leave it possible to resolve bugs - if developers which have a github acocunt own an open bug, try to reproduce it again and report it on the "new" system (e.g. GitHub) and close it on savannah

The latter could be used for "cleanup".. still an not satisfactory situation I think.

I think we have always been slow at closing bug, concentrating that GNustep needs new features and bugs where left behind. I don't htink this  leaves a good impression, but every person is sensible to different things. For sure just freezing the old bug list is the wrong thing to do, it will dishearten reporters, like it happened to Yavor.


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