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Re: Savannah bug tracker disabled?

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: Savannah bug tracker disabled?
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 09:17:47 +0000
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On 04/11/2019 18:36, Jordan Schidlowsky wrote:
If people are really concerned about the bug/issue tracking being tied to github's platform, then just do in-repository tracking.  Pretty simple.  If you wanna take advantage of the GitHub platform for pull requests and issue tracking then do it.  If you are concerned about ANY part of the project being tied to a service/hosting provider then just add some process to track those things in-repository as well...  (include the wiki and the website as well?)

https://github.com/MichaelMure/git-bug  (GPL BTW)

I like the idea behind this. It's sad that GitHub issue trackers are not git repos (GitHub wikis are, and it's a great feature). This looks as if it imposes quite a high level of friction on the bug filing process though: how much effort is it for someone who is not already a GNUstep developer to file a bug with it, assuming that they already have a GitHub account? From a cursory glance they need to:

1. Install git-bug.
2. Fork the repo.
3. Push a bug using `git bug`
4. Send a pull request.

This seems even more effort than creating an account on Savannah and vastly more than clicking on the 'new issue' button in the GitHub UI.


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