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Re: Added MISSING file to libs-gui

From: Johannes Brakensiek
Subject: Re: Added MISSING file to libs-gui
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2019 09:32:52 +0100

Hey Greg,

On 15 Nov 2019, at 4:39, Gregory Casamento wrote:

I have done a little work to figure out which headers/classes are missing in libs-gui as compared to macOS10.15. Just a heads up. If anyone would like to take some of these on please DO. :) There are a large number of
classes currently missing.  I admit I didn't know there was such a gap
until I did the analysis.

The files are listed in the MISSING file under libs-gui.

thank you for your work and your approach to even get this work done! :)

And yes, currently you have almost no chance to port a current interface to GNUstep. I installed three virtual macOS machines to be able to use Xcode/IB to backport a current xib to a GNUstep compatible nib/Xcode 4-xib (which works quite well), but you have to delete many items of the interface to be able to use it with Gorm/GNUstep.

That said if would be great of course to even have the xib support of Gorm updated for making porting and cross platform development easier.

Maybe some sort of dev survey would be nice? Just to get an idea wich classes are considered most needed so you know there is good cause to start with specific ones?

That said highest priority for me would be to have tested API compatibility concerning the existing classes (same for base). Writing a new app or porting from GNUstep to Cocoa is much easier if we’d have a solid base there, I think.

As a first project I just updated DictionaryReader.app to make it work on Cocoa. It does, but the implementation/use of NSUInteger is probably be different for Cocoa and GNUstep as my changes on this class do not work using GNUstep: https://github.com/Letterus/DictionaryReader/commit/368b39fa1bd81bf7482860d6b85a537d235533d8#diff-3dc9afee5b822cb486003ac0d8405667

I’m currently missing the knowledge to figure out what/where the cause for the issue exactly lays, though.

Keep up your great work

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