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Re: Package building

From: cobjective
Subject: Re: Package building
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 02:48:27 +0200

On 19 Nov 2019, at 11:40, Johannes Brakensiek <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Sergii,
> thank you for your reply!
> On 19 Nov 2019, at 0:39, Sergii Stoian wrote:
>> Frankly speaking I don’t like themes idea almost totally. It’s hard to 
>> achieve desired look and feel with themes without coding (overriding some 
>> class methods). Plus themes support bloats the GNUstep codebase.
> I’m not into the details of the theming implementation, but to me it looks a 
> GNUstep based DE would be far from being bloated compared to other current 
> DEs. ;)
I hope. ;)

>> I understand that the initial idea was to attract more users/developers, 
>> but… It’s not working.
> Hm, yes. I think developers don’t need a nice UI at first place (and I think 
> most of what developers need luckily is already provided by Apple as of 
> today). But developers need happy users (if you’re not developing only for 
> yourself) and I think happy users need a stable, solid and consistent UX. 
> That would be provided by a NextStep based UI guideline. But they also need a 
> pretty UI (which is not what you’d call that NextStep look nowadays, imho).
My initial idea was to make my dream come true - have NeXTSTEP for my own use: 
fast, reliable and consistent.
I would be glad if other people share my taste. If you like macOS/KDE/GNOME - 
why should you use GNUstep-based DE?

>> So, I want to make ideal NEXTSTEP interface first. Who knows maybe some day 
>> I’ll want to change it to macOS-like… ;)
> I think: Do it (some days earlier). From a users perspective my heart was 
> filled with joy and happiness when I saw what Bertrand had compiled here: 
> https://github.com/BertrandDekoninck/rik.theme/blob/master/newscreen.png ;)

> If we’d have some more screenshots of well crafted software looking like 
> this, it would be a huge benefit regarding the public impression of GNUstep. 
> It doesn’t need to be macOS, but to have a free DE that’s getting close 
> regarding UX/UI would be a thing I’d really like to see and work with. 
> (Especially since Apple is currently driving the development of macOS to a 
> state where I won’t want to use it anymore…)
Great - it’s your choice. Just do it. ;)

>> Etoile is great effort to create macOS-like DE with great fundamental 
>> frameworks inside. I wish to borrow some  of them someday… But its 
>> development stopped AFAIK.
> Yes, sadly. Merge it, use it. Once I come to start writing a serious app I’ll 
> give CoreObject a try and see how it works. ;)
> Keep up your good work
Thank you. I’ll do all my best.
> Johannes


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