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Re: Which ObjC2.0 features are missing in the latest GCC?

From: Bertrand Dekoninck
Subject: Re: Which ObjC2.0 features are missing in the latest GCC?
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2019 20:08:21 +0100

> Le 24 nov. 2019 à 02:24, Yavor Doganov <address@hidden> a écrit :
> Ivan Vučica wrote:
>> - ARC is one.
>> - Blocks is another.
>> - @123 syntax for NSNumber (and similar stuff for arrays and dicts and
>> more) is another.
>> - Improved @property support is yet another.
> This is like offering rocket fuel to someone who has a car with a
> diesel engine.  None of the packages in Debian is using these
> features, which is why I said there's nothing to win.  There's a queue
> of software packages we intend to package in Debian but neither of
> them depends on these things -- except probably the Rik theme and
> NEXTSPACE (which are not suitable for packaging for other reasons).

Just my two pence here : I’ve got a gcc compatible branch of rik (which I 
maintain for my ppc computers) at 
The only thing I had to do was to remove the button animation code which uses 

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