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Re: Improving GNUstep tooling with Clang

From: Johannes Brakensiek
Subject: Re: Improving GNUstep tooling with Clang
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 17:59:30 +0100

Hi Frederik,

On 30 Nov 2019, at 16:06, Frederik Seiffert wrote:

I think ideally these things should be "figured out" by GNUstep make configure, something like:

If Clang version is at least 9 (?) and libobjc2 is detected:

afaik you need clang at least at version 8 to make the 2.0 runtime work and any other version (down to 3.x?) to work using the 1.x runtime and in order to enable the new ABI supporting ARC, blocks and libdispatch.

=> select ng-gnu-gnu library combo

=> select gnustep-2.0 runtime

=> enable ARC
=> enable native ObjC exceptions

=> add -fuse-ld=gold to linker flags

Would that make sense? 

Hm, maybe anybody having some insights into the internals of GNUstep make and these build processes is able to answer this?

Currently I just know it seems necessary to install gnustep make before the start of any building (f.e. of the runtime), at least that’s what we are doing. As long as this is necessary you cannot do any auto detection. But I think it would already be very helpful if the right settings and env variables would be chosen and set for you, f.e. by just providing a single config parameter.


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