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Re: GWorkspace failed to load InspectorWin

From: Riccaro Mottola
Subject: Re: GWorkspace failed to load InspectorWin
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2020 10:50:48 +0100
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Hi Patryk,

On 2020-01-02 19:24:08 +0100 Patryk Laurent <address@hidden> wrote:

Happy new year to you as well! I do see thoss errors when I just openapp GWorkspace on its own. Furthermore there is an error specifically about failing to load InspectorWin [1]. With the NSLog() at line 2280 I see it (among many other things) has _frameworkVersion null [2].

Thank you. I don't see a specific GWorkspace issue, but you seem indeed to have a generic framework issue and once things do not load, various errors appear. I have now clang+libobjc2 set up and I cannot reproduce this issue.

Let's try to work together with Fred and David and see if this can sorted out for you.


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