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GNUstep installation issue?

From: Smile
Subject: GNUstep installation issue?
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 09:06:25 -0400

After installing I am trying to run the following I am receiving errors or no feedback at all.

I searched the web and followed all other steps recommended but still I cannot get the following to run.

Can someone point me in right direction please.

1. gorm

The procedure entry__gxx_personality_v0 could not be located in the dynamic link library d:\GNUstep\bin\libicui18n46.dll

2. System Preferences

The code execution cannot proceed because gnustep-gui-0_24.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

3. project center

Nothing shows, no errors

I followed the steps from: http://www.gnustep.org/windows/installer.html

Windows Installer

I installed the following in the appropriate order:

GNUstep MSYS System Required 0.30.0 - MSYS/MinGW System 
GNUstep Core Required 0.35.0 - GNUstep Core 
GNUstep Devel Optional 1.4.0 - Developer Tools 
GNUstep Cairo Optional 0.35.0 - Cairo Backend 
ProjectCenter Optional 0.6.2-35 - IDE (Like Xcode, but not as complex) 
Gorm Optional 1.2.22-35 - Interface Builder (Like Xcode NIB builder) •
SystemPreferences 2014-01-09

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