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Re: My future GNUstep contribution

From: Graham Lee
Subject: Re: My future GNUstep contribution
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2021 12:23:11 +0100

Hi folks,

Steven and I use the FSF’s jitsi instance for the [objc retain]; stream and it works really well (my home broadband is more of a problem than it ever is). I’ve also used jitsi for larger group chats. I’m sure it’ll be fine, please let us know if we can help set something up.



On 22 Jul 2021, at 11:24, Gregory Casamento <greg.casamento@gmail.com> wrote:

I believe I am going to set up a call, perhaps quarterly.  I think the first time will be off-cycle.  I will publish a link to the discuss-gnustep mailing list.   I may also put it up on the site.  Whoever joins is welcome. :)  In the meantime, I will figure out of Jitsi (the open-source equivalent of zoom and/or skype) is up to the task of such a meeting.  If we HAVE to use Zoom, then fine, though it is not my preference.

On Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 6:08 AM Frederik Seiffert <frederik@algoriddim.com> wrote:
Hi all,

Am 19.07.2021 um 01:34 schrieb Gustavo Tavares <gustavotavares@mac.com>:

My suggestion: would be great to have a monthly or quarterly “Zoom” party (GNU-equivalent) that is time limited to one hour.

First party could celebrate all of Fred’s contributions and whatever role he chooses jn the transition.

Would also love to have little breakout rooms where people can chit chat, talk shop, side projects,  in a more intimate fashion.

I like this idea, it would be great to meet and connect with some more people working with GNUstep.

Monthly might be a bit much, but I could see doing something like this even just 1-2 times a year to help foster the community. I believe in the past there were events like FOSDEM where some of you met, and that might have served a somewhat similar purpose.


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