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[Dolibarr-dev] patch for hardcoded labels in \htdocs\compta\bank\bankid_

From: Jacopo Grasso
Subject: [Dolibarr-dev] patch for hardcoded labels in \htdocs\compta\bank\bankid_fr.php v2
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:59:51 +0200

Hi all,
I send you a small patch to fix hard coded labels (code_banque, code_guichet , cle_rib ...) into bankid_fr.php.
Please do not consider the last patch I sent you but only this one named bankid_fr.php.patchv2 (In the last one I missed some translations.)
Note: this is for development_snapshot version of dolibarr
Best regards,

Attachment: bankid_fr.php.patchv2
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