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[Dolibarr-dev] Cashdesk for order entry

From: Jamie Isaacs
Subject: [Dolibarr-dev] Cashdesk for order entry
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 22:20:40 -0500

Is anyone interested in working on a Cashdesk clone for order entry?

Right now it takes way too long to enter enter a processed receipt for an order, invoice, and shipment in Dolibarr.

Here are the steps required:
create a customer (if does not exist)
create an order
click "Add order" (from Third party -> Customer)
click "Create draft"
add line items
click "Validate"
click annoying "are you sure"
create invoice
click "create Invoice" (from Customer order -> Order card)
enter date and click "Create draft"
click "Validate"
click annoying "are you sure"
click "Do payment"
enter date, payment type, account to credit, payment amounts manually and click "Save"
click annoying "are you sure"
* yay, ver > 2.9 has "classify paid" checkbox. less step!
ship product
click back to order (from Customer Invoice -> Invoice card -> Related orders)
click "Ship product"
select warehouse and click "New shipment"
click "create"
click "Validate"
click annoying "are you sure"
close order
click back to order (from Shipment -> Shipping card)
click "Close"
click annoying "are you sure"
click 'Classify "Billed"'

I propose creating a new module based off of Cashdesk to enter orders, invoices, and shipments more quickly. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate. I will begin working on this new module over the next few weeks.

My proposed steps will be on 1-3 screens...preferably one screen:
create an order
select customer (or create new customer on the fly)
enter date (default to now)
enter line items (same entry system as in: Customer order -> Order card -> Add new line)
click "save"
create an invoice
enter payment date (default to now)
enter payment type (default to last used)
enter account to credit (default to last used)
enter payment amount per invoice (checkbox to auto-fill amount due into payment amount)
click "save"
create a shipment
enter warehouse (default to last used)
enter qty (default to qty available from warehouse)
click "save"

Automatically do these and notify the user:
* mark invoice as "paid" after saving invoice and amount is paid in full
* mark order as "billed" after saving invoice.
* close order after paid in full and shipped in full.

Jamie Isaacs

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