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[Dolibarr-dev] Icons for top menus - talk

From: CF
Subject: [Dolibarr-dev] Icons for top menus - talk
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 19:36:13 +0200
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Hello Doli,

First, this is my first message. Aka Graveen, i was project manager and sysadmin of a enginneering company. Actually running my own business, i'm consulted by many little society to rethink their information system (network, systems) and bring them tools (custom piece of software, formations, etc...)

In this scope, i have carefully choosen Dolibarr, because it meets many of the requirements for a solid basis for small society.

I generally develop in java (generally android), c# (.net / mono), and sometimes in php / html for web-based tools (generally frontend). I promote Linux server & client side, and FOSS technology in general.

I'm also project leader of Dawn of Light, an open source Dark Age of Camelot (MMORPG) emulator, written in C# and using MySQL ( )

That was the introduction. I sometimes meet Eldy on , where i generally drop a line related to the Dolibarr project.

As i ask in some projects, i'll try to, during the customization of Dolibarr, to simply think 'community' in the scope of my devs.

Right now, i have implemented a system to add icons in the custom top menu.  I have two questions related to this:

1) my problem is current pictures are included via CSS and background-image property, relying on a named class. I include picture support into the html generation - which is obviously not good because it overrides CSS one. Any idea on how i could code something more compliant, or is it not a concern for current Dolibarr ? For me CSS drives the display size, but not the final image URL.
2) i think all menus should be relying on the icon system, rather than embed it in CSS. Actually, i accept URL for icon, while the llx_menu table is including an icon field. What about this point ? For all menus or only for custom menus ?
3) my changes are applyed to eldy.lib.php. Guess this should be either factored, or applyed to all xxx.lib.php. I also don't know if this is breaking smartphone displaying.

I'm open to all changes that could be included into Dolibarr. Thank you for your comment. Actually the described patch is ok and - i think - Dolibarr's rules compliant.


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